Butterfly Dream

Lullaby Keepsake Book


Kristen D’Angelo

Kristen D’Angelo is a dreamer who has been blessed to ride upon wing. As a young girl, Kristen treasured butterflies, because they provided a space for her imagination, a field for her dreams. Life blossomed forth and even though she grew to be an adult, she always kept her spirit open to the place where she danced with butterflies. With a grateful heart, Kristen now creates to inspire others to this magical place of winged joy.

Kristen is a freelance artist residing in California with her loving family & children.


James Browne

James Browne has been creating magical Illustrations for over 20 years. In his world the imagination has no limits and to enjoy this world in which he paints, you only need to be like a child. James lives with his wife and son in beautiful Phoenixville, PA.

“Each day is a gift as you can be a gift to someone else.” ~ JB

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