Metanoia Melodies

songs for the soul

Metanoia (n.) A spiritual journey
of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life… 

Like the Petals of a Rose…
Slowly I unfold my life as a Soaring Blossom

Grace moves upon Love’s breeze
Songs of Soul are echoed
In arrangement of Butterfly flown

Come Along in Song

God Dreamt a Butterfly

the wind whispered let love soar



Special thank you to
artist Giuliana Falco for sharing
her lovely butterfly design
for the
album cover.


Be a Whisper of Grace

a soft echo tenderness yields

The inspiring songs created for Metanoia Melodies
are beautifully arranged and played in soft and peaceful guitar.

Included in the album are 8 original acoustic and vocal harmony tracks
plus one lovely duet “Skies of Time”.

Be moved to Graceful flight by Metanoia Melodies, Songs of the Soul

A wonderful gift to be treasured by any adult listener who seeks the serenity of the wing, including the butterfly and nature enthusiasts alike.

(note: album images and tracks shown are draft versions and are subject to change in the final product design)


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Music Samples

Falling in Faith (preview clip)

by GraceWing | Metanoia Melodies

Summer Dreams (preview clip)

by GraceWing | Metanoia Melodies

Nowhere is more Magic Known

then when a loving heart is shown

GraceWing Gives... Wind Never Fails a Vision that Sails upon Love! Dismiss