Butterfly Dream

a journey through lullaby

 Butterfly Flutters awaken curiosity
wonder & dreams

Where will you fly once touched by a
Butterfly’s Wing?

Come away on a Lullaby Adventure in search of
the most Beautiful Magic.
Ride along in song as the story unfolds,
Flying upon Wing through a Butterfly Dream…
Journey far away Lands of Crown,
Enchanted Forests and Rainbow’s End
Find Graceful Treasures right
within your own Loving Heart. 
Soar in Song over Oceans of Wonder,
Woods of Green and Fairyland too!
Discovering the most Beautiful Magic
is within You!

Butterfly Dream

a winged adventure takes flight

Beautifully produced by a Grammy Award Winner, the album
“Butterfly Dream” by GraceWing

features vocal & acoustic guitar tracks which softly play
a sweet story of Love…

With truly uplifting tunes for the adult & child listener alike
Grace-Winged dreams really do come true


The lovely collection of 9 Original Sing-a-Long Songs featured in the album “Butterfly Dream”


Accompanied by beautiful artwork & lyrical text
found in this Treasured Keepsake Book
(sold separately)


Winged Dreams

softly rock you to sleep

Singing so softy
I’ll weave you a dream

Of forests enchanted
with Symphonies

Where lullabies are whispered
by trees so grand

And sweet little flowers
join to harmonize
the land

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Nowhere is more Magic Known

then when a loving heart is shown