Kaleidoscope of Wings

on butterfly dreams

In garden of hearts live
Forever fluttering give

Join Kaleidoscipe of Wings
Where faith brightly sings

Waltz with joyful skies 
Dance as Angel’s sighs

On a breath of bliss be a wish
Float as dandelion’s dream kiss


Our Hearts Long

to waltz with creation , to step in time with love


Special thank you to
artist Giuliana Falco for sharing
her lovely butterfly design
for the
album cover.


Sun dawns in as a golden Dove

Treasure found in my heart is Love


Experience butterfly metamorphosis, sweet transformation of spirit through peaceful acoustic song.

Faith in Flight … listen to sample clips

Included in the album are 8 original acoustic and vocal harmony tracks
plus one lovely duet “Skies of Time”. Featuring Grammy Award Guitarist, Eric Tingstad.

Take a Listen

Music Samples

Change in Stillness (preview clip)

by GraceWing | Kaleidoscope of Wings

Nowhere is more Magic Known

then when a loving heart is shown