Butterfly Dream Album on CD


Butterfly flutters awaken curiosity, wonder & dreams… Where will you fly once touched by a Butterfly’s Wing?

A beautifully arranged guitar-based CD, produced In collaboration with Grammy Award Winner, Eric Tingstad.

Butterfly Dream the Album features vocal & acoustic guitar tracks which softly play a sweet story of Love…

A wonderful keepsake gift to welcome a new baby or to share with anyone who keeps a childlike magic alive in their hearts!

 Wind never fails a vision that sails upon Love … A percentage of the proceeds of this sale go to charity. Thank you for Helping Us Soar!

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butterfly dream lullaby album music

Truly uplifting tunes for the adult & child listener alike
grace-winged dreams really do come true

Tracks Included on CD
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1. Little Butterfly

song time 3:43 
2. Rainbow’s End
song time 3:29 
3. Oceans of Wonder
song time 3:01 
4. Enchanted Forest
song time 3:54 
5. Dance On the Wind
song time 4:20 
4. Woods of Green
song time 4:49
7. Lands of Crown
song time 5:07 
8. Beautiful Magic
song time 4:20
9. Butterfly Dream
song time 4:04 
Genre: Kids/Family: Lullabies

Nowhere is more Magic Known

then when a loving heart is shown

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in


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